Detection of pathogenic waterborne bacteria in potable water of Tubas district-Palestine
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Water hygiene is considered the topmost interest of potable water sanitation. This study was conducted to determine the microbiological quality of potable water and to investigate the prevalence of Total Coliform (TC), Feacal Coliform (FC), E. coli, Klebsiella and Salmonella contamination in 60 water samples that were collected from ground water wells, network distribution systems, tankers, tanks (homes, school and restaurants) and rain fed cisterns in Tubas Governorate- Palestine. The results showed that (40%) and (31.6%) of water samples were generally exceeding the Palestinian and WHO standard for TC which is (3 CFU/100ml) and FC which is (0 CFU/100ml) for potable water, respectively. In addition to that the prevalence of E. coli, Klebsiella and Salmonella were 31.67%, 18.33% and 10% respectively, in the various sources of sample collection. The study found that the water samples which were collected from rain fed cisterns constitute the maximal proportion of pathological risk compared to other water resources. It was counted for (15%) and (13.33%) for TC and FC, respectively. Specifically, the pathogenic bacteria contamination of E. coli was (53.3%), Klebsiella (40%) and Salmonella (20%). It is worth to mention that the study found the taken samples from the groundwater wells and networks were almost free from FC, but slightly contaminated with TC (1.67%). The poor pathological quality of drinking water sources that revealed in this study suggesting the existence of wastewaters leakage from homes, contaminated transporter tankers and/or the deteriorated of water distribution networks in Tubas Governorate. The study recommended increasing the health surveillance on the rain fed cisterns and tankers in Tubas Governorate and monitoring the quantity of chlorine used for disinfection.

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The Second Palestinian International Graduate Conference
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20 إبريل، 2017 - 20 إبريل، 2017
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An-Najah National University