Adopting Smart Campus Concept as a Model of Smart City within the Framework of An-Najah National University New Strategic Plan
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The growing and emerging global trends toward the transformation of cities into smart cities have motivated some Palestinian municipalities to consider the concept of smart cities. To achieve this, proper strategic planning is to be conducted. An-Najah National University in Palestine has realized the need to offer a model for such, to be applied within a prototype of a smaller area, the university campus. Therefore, the university decided to include the transformation of the campus towards smart, eco and green university as one of the major themes in its strategic plan for 2016-2020. The paper presents the new university strategic plan's theme in this regard as related to the university campus infrastructure components, the built and natural environment, along with the socio-economic implications.

The paper presents the pilot case within a strategic planning framework, considering the strategic analysis in the relevant fields to the theme, conducted through a participatory approach engaging the university community. This had led to identifying the major issues to be considered in the formulation of the university strategic plan related to the theme, after defining the relevant points of strength and weakness, as well as the opportunities and threats. The step-wise objectives to reach a smart, eco and green campus were then defined. The relevant interventions including specific programs and projects were identified, and the relevant action plan was then devised. The strategic plan has been put in action since the start of 2016, where specialized committees have been formed and decisions have been made to allocate budgets to implement the planned interventions, including those related to the transformation towards smart, eco and green university.

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The Economics of Smart Cities Conference
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26 إبريل، 2016 - 26 إبريل، 2016
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جامعة النجاح