ZnO nano-particles as photo-catalyst for water disinfection by complete mineralization of gram negative bacteria
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This presentation shows two complementary modes of action for ZnO nano-particles as photo-catalysts in removing bacteria from water. In congruence with earlier studies, nano-size ZnO particles have shown anti-bacterial activity against aqueous bacteria (E. Coli and P. aeruginosa) in the dark. Under direct solar radiation, the ZnO particles behaved as photo-catalysts in killing the bacteria. Moreover, complete mineralization of the organic matters that resulted from the bacterial death has been observed. All bacteria were killed, and the resulting organic compounds were completely mineralized by direct solar light in the presence of ZnO particles within 60 min. Only the bacterial cell wall fragments resisted the photo-catalytic process. Under the reaction conditions, the photo-degradation occurred by the UV tail of the solar light, where the ZnO nano-particles behaved as photo-catalysts. In the dark, the ZnO particles killed up to 20% of the E. coli and 25% of the P. aeruginosa. The results show the added value of using ZnO nano-particles as photo-catalysts in water disinfection strategies, leaving no resulting organic compounds in water. Biography HSH has completed his PhD at the age of 27 years from University of Manchester. Since then he has joined the Department of Chemistry at An-Najah N. University in Palestine. He has published more than 100 papers in reputed journals and international conferences. Presenting author details Full name: Hikmat Said Hasan Hilal Contact number: 00972-599-273460 Twitter account: http://staff.najah.edu/hikmat-s-hilal Linked In account: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hikmat_Hilal2 Session name/ number: Environmental Health and Pathogens Track 07: Category: (Oral presentation/ Poster presentation): Oral
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International Conference on Environmental Health & Safety
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24 أكتوبر، 2016 - 25 أكتوبر، 2016
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OMICS International Conferences
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