Nanoparticle CdS-Sensitized TiO2 Catalyst for Photo-Degradation of Water Organic Contaminants: Feasibility Assessment and Natural-Dye Alternatives
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The photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminants (such as industrial dyes, insecticides, pesticides, … etc) in
water, using TiO2 under UV are commonly used procedures. Modifying TiO2 with CdS is also a common technique
used for water purification under visible light.
In this work both commercial and prepared TiO2 were used for photo-degradation of two model contaminants,
methyl orange (MO) and phenazpyridine (PhPy). In order to sensitize TiO2 to visible light, a chemical path
deposition method (CBD) was used to precipitate non-scale (~20 nm) CdS particles on TiO2 particle surfaces. Sand
was used as a supporting surface for the TiO2/CdS catalyst. UV-visible spectra, photoluminescence emission
spectra, XRD and SEM imaging were measured to characterize the prepared catalyst systems. Effects of catalyst
concentration, initial contaminant concentration and pH on photo-degradation rate were studied. Turnover number
and quantum yield were also calculated for comparison study.
Despite the high efficiency of TiO2/CdS catalyst system in degrading water contaminants, voltametric analysis
confirmed complete CdS decomposition during the photo-degradation process. Due to hazardous nature of resulting
Cd2+ in the treated water, an alternative sensitizer has been suggested based on natural nontoxic dyes. Anthocyanin
was used here for the first time as a sensitizer for the rutile TiO2 system. Activated Carbon (AC) was also used as a
supporting substrate. Electronic absorption spectra, FT-IR spectra, and TGA analysis were used to characterize the
prepared TiO2/Anthocyanine catalyst systems. The efficiency of the new catalyst system, in photo-degradation of
MO and PhPY was assessed. An observable efficiency was noted specially when using AC/TiO2/Anthocyanin at
low pH in photo-degradation of MO.
Details of results, discussions and suggested mechanisms will be presented in this presentation 

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International Graduate Conference on Science, Humanities and Engineering 2011 (IGCSHE2011)
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4 مايو، 2011 - 4 مايو، 2011
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