Local Site Effects in Palestinian Cities: A Preliminary Study Based on Nablus Earthquake of July 11, 1927 and The Earthquake of February 11, 2004
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In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest to assess the local site response, which is one of the key components of any seismic risk analysis. The empirical method is one of the several techniques to compute the spectral ratios of horizontal and vertical components (H/V) using microtremor records, a method proposed by Nakamura (1989). Recent studies of large destructive earthquakes have shown that damage during the earthquakes are often caused by the amplification of seismic waves in near-surface sedimentary layers

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The 1st conference of Applied Geophysics for Engineering Messina
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13 أكتوبر، 2004 - 13 أكتوبر، 2004
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