Pollution Levels of Drinking Water in Nablus Regional
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  • H.S. Hilal
  • R. Salim
  • Z. Qattawi
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Metal concentrations in drinking water used in Nablus have been studied . Samples from houses located in various districts of Nablus have been collected between Dec . 22,1985, and Jan . 19,1986 , acidified and then analysed for their metal content of the elements lead , copper , zinc , nickel , iron , manganese , calcium and magnesium using flame atomic absorption spectroscopy with an acetylene—air flame The results showed that the concentrations of lead , copper , nickel , iron and manganese were well below the safe limits . The concentrations of both zinc and magnesium were high but still below the maximum limit allowed in drinking water . The concentration of calcium was found always above the allowed limit . The effect of storing water in tanks ( this is very common in Nablus ) on the concentration of the above elements has been studied . The only effect found for storing water in tanks was a decrease in the concentration of zinc from water . No effect was found for using sun—heaters on the concentrations of the above elements in water .

An-Najah University Journal For Research - Natural Sciences, Volume 4, 1987 Pages:57-66
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