In vitro Separation of Chimeral Pears Into their Component Genotypes
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  • H. Abu-Qaoud
  • R. M. Skirvin
  • E. Chevreau
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An adventitious shoot regeneration system for Pyrus communis was used to separate two chimeral pears into their component genotypes. The two cultivars were a variegated type, ‘Louise Bonne Panachée’ and a red fruited mutant, ‘Red Hardy’. Leaves of these cultivars were placed onto a regeneration medium consisting of Nitsch & Nitsch (1969) salts supplied with various levels of Thidiazuron (TDZ) and NAA. After two months the regenerants were moved onto a proliferation medium of Lepoivre salts. Later they were evaluated for their chimeral status. Among the regenerants of the variegated type, 100% segregation occurred, most shoots were green, a few were albino. Regeneration was more efficient for dissociating the variegated chimera than rapid shoot multiplication and physical injury. In ‘Red Hardy’, after two months on the regeneration medium, 20 to 33% of the regenerants were green, the rest were red. The stability of the red and the green regenerants were assessed on media supplemented with various levels of sucrose and by total anthocyanins measurement. Both types were stable.

Euphytica , Volume 48, Issue 2, pp 189-196
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