A New Silica-Supported Platinum-Amine Catalyst for The Reaction of Silanes with Alcohols
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  • H.S. Hilal
  • A. Rabah
  • I.S. Khatib
  • A.F. Schreiner

A supported platinum catalyst has been prepared and evaluated for the reactions of HSiR3 (R = Et, OEt) and Me3SiOSi(H)(Me)OSiMe3 with alcohols ROH (R = Me, Et, n-Pr, i-Pr, t-Bu). The supporting surface was prepared by a condensation reaction of (EtO)4Si with the ligand (RO)3SiCH2CH2CH2NH2 in the presence of water. The catalyst partially retains its activity on recovery after three different reaction times. Moreover, the catalytic activity is highly reproducible within the same batch, and among different prepared batches. Variation of the types of silanes and of the alcohols affects the rate of the reaction. The reaction is first order with respect to the catalyst and the silane. A first-order reaction with respect to alcohol is observed at low concentrations, whereas at higher concentrations the rate is independent of the alcohol concentration. There is no evidence of a reaction between the supported amine ligand and the silane. The effects of temperature, solvent polarity and added ligands are also reported.

Journal of Molecular Catalysis Volume 61, Issue 1, 15 July 1990, Pages 1-17
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