Qualitative Study to Assess Plastic Packaging Materials in Gezira State, Sudan
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  • A. A. Hussein , A.E. Sulieman , A.M. Elhassan , R. Salghi , H. Bouya , I. Warad , S. Jodeh
This study was conducted to assess the quality and safe descriptions of the commercial plastic packaging
materials produced in Sudan, which are used for filling, preserving and packaging foodstuffs. A total of 144
plastic samples were collected randomly from a local market in Wad-Medan town, central Sudan. Some of the
physical properties of plastic samples were determined. The results shown that overall mean values of thickness
ranged between 60.7±7.6 µm and density between 0.084 ± 0.044 mg/cm³ is higher and lower, respectively,
when compared with those of plastic packaging materials manufactured in Sudan. In addition, the descriptions
of the commercial plastic packaging materials have not been labeled with symbol code numbers and safety
symbol as recommended for plastic materials and articles manufactured in the European Union and United
States of American countries. 
R. Salghi & al. / Mor. J. Chem. 3 N°3 (2015) 594-599
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