Efficacité du perydroxan contre deux champignons phytopathogènes Botrytis cinerea et Penicillium digitatum (Efficiency anti-fungal of perydroxan for Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium digitatum)
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  • M. C. Elbouchtaoui 1 , B. Chebli 1 1938 , M. Errami 1,2 , R. Salghi *, S. Jodeh 3 , I. Warad 3 , O. Hamed 3 , A. El Yaml
Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium digitatum are among the principal fungal diseases on agronomically important
crops. These fungi are able to develop resistance to a wide variety of synthetics compounds. This work focuses
on the study of the antifungal activity of a new specialty called Perydoxan against two plant pathogenic fungi
Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium digitatum attacking fruits and vegetables from the Souss Massa Daraa region.
Different concentrations of Perydoxan were tested for their inhibitory effects of the mycelial growth and spores
germination in vitro of B. cinerea and P. digitatum. 100% inhibition of mycelial growth was achieved at doses
of 2% and 2.5% for P. digitatum and B. cinerea respectively. Moreover, spore germination of B. cinerea was
100% at a dose of 2.5% and for a contact time of 15 min. While the germination of spores of P. digitatum was
completly inhibited at 1.5% dose and for a contact time of 25 min. This study shows that Perydroxan has a
significant inhibitory effect of the mycelial growth and germination of fungal spores of both fungi B. cinerea
and P. digitaum. This product exhibits a very high potential for disinfection of packinghouse of citrus and
J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 6 (7) (2015) 1938-1943
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