Search for resistance to Egyptian broomrape (Orobanche aegyptiaca) in tomato germplasm
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This experiment was conducted to compare the level of resistance to Orobanche aegyptiaca (also known as broomrape) in a collection of sixty wild and cultivated tomato spices. One commercial susceptible variety ‘Samara’ was used as control. The experiment was performed in the framework of Complete Randomized Block Design (CRBD), with three replicates. Two plants from each accession were transplanted into open field in 2009. Three traits were studied including days to first appearance of Orobanche shoots, weakness of tomato plants (vegetative growth) and number of emerged Orobanche shoots per tomato plant. Number of Orobanche shoots per tomato plant ranged from 3.8 to 9.2 shoots compared with the susceptible check, with an average of 6 emerged Orobanche shoots per plant. The accessions were divided into three clusters. Accessions within the first cluster could be considered as the most resistant accessions in the collection since the average number of Orobanche shoots per tomato plant was low (4.49) and at the same time tomato plants were very strong (weaknesses value = 2.26). Further histological studies to understand the mechanism of resistance in these accessions would be advisable.

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