Developing and Implementing an Integrated Pavement Monitoring and Management Approach for the Palestinian Territories
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  • Osama A. Abaza
  • Sameer A. Abu-Eisheh
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The provision of proper transportation services would play a basic role in future development plans for the Palestinian territories. The road network, which forms the backbone of the transportation system in the Palestinian territories, suffered seriously from the constraints imposed on its development by the Israeli authorities. Since the establishment of the Palestinian authority few years ago, limited budgets were allocated to maintain the road network in the Palestinian territories. Therefore, it is necessary to develop and implement a pavement monitoring and management system aiming at identifying the prevailing conditions of the pavement structures, assessing these conditions, and defining the proper corrective measures. The paper highlights the approach which was developed to assist Palestinian decision-makers to evaluate and define the measures to rehabilitate the damaged pavement structures of the road network in the Palestinian territories. First, the paper presents a general background related to road conditions in the Palestinian territories. This is followed by a presentation of the suggested methodology to develop an integrated tool to evaluate, maintain, and rehabilitate road pavements in the Palestinian territories. The paper presents a number of case studies performed for three different urban and rural locations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The paper ends with conclusions and recommendations, which include the need to apply the indicated approach as a first step to develop a comprehensive program for the establishment of a pavement management system for the Palestinian territories. Keywords: pavement evaluation, pavement maintenance, pavement rehabilitation, pavement monitoring and management 

An-Najah University Journal for Research - Natural Sciences - Volume 15, Issue 1, 2001
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نوع المنشور
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