Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Wheat Cultivars to the Lesser Grain Borer ‎Infestation (Rhyzopertha Dominica Fab., Bostrichidae: Coleoptera)
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  • Batta, Y.
  • A. Saleh
  • A. Salameh
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Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Wheat Cultivars to the Lesser Grain Borer (Rhyzopertha dominica Fab., Bostrichidae: Coleoptera). Arab J. Pl. Prot. 25: 159-162. The susceptibility of seven local wheat cultivars to the Lesser Grain Borer (Rhyzopertha dominica) infestation was evaluated by introducing the adult insects into healthy grains of these cultivars stored at 28±5oC, 75±5% RH and 16 h of illumination per day. One week after introduction, a sufficient number of insect eggs was laid on the grains, then the developmental time of the insect on these grains was measured. Results obtained indicated that there were significant differences (at P = 0.05) between the means of developmental time of R. dominica on the grains of various cultivars. The mean developmental time was the shortest on Anbar and Senf 870, and longest on Kamatat and Debiya Sawda. Laboratory analysis of the main grain components of the different cultivars suggested that the resistance of these cultivars, especially Kamatat and Debiya Sawda, to R. dominica infestation may be attributed to the low content of protein and high content of carbohydrate compared to susceptible cultivars. Such resistant cultivars could be therefore selected for using in breeding programs for developing varieties resistant to R. dominica. Key words: Developmental time, protein content, carbohydrate content, local cultivars, laboratory analysis Corresponding author: Y. Batta, Plant Protection Lab., Al-Najah University, Nablus, Palestine.

Arab Journal for Plant Protection, 25 (2): 159-162
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