Performance of Hydroponic System as Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse for Rural Communities
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Wastewater collection and disposal continues to be one of the most public health and environmental problems in Palestine (the West Bank and Gaza Strip). However, the status of wastewater treatment and collection services varies from one locality to another. Wastewater collection systems are available in most of the cities of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Few wastewater treatment plants have been constructed in the past ten years for a number of cities in the West Bank and Gaza while untreated wastewater still flows in the wadis from many other cities including major urban centres as the city of Nablus. However, more than half of the population of the West Bank live in more than 500 villages. Most of these village lack wastewater collection systems and rarely have wastewater treatment systems. In most of these villages, wastewater is disposed through cesspools. Existing data for wastewater quality in the West Bank shows BOD values ranging between 400 mg/l to 1400 mg/l with an average of about 600 mg/l.

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