Clean and Sustainable Transportation Strategies in Developing Countries: The Palestinian Case
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The transportation systems have significant impacts on energy consumption and the environment in developing countries. These are resulting mainly from the high growth rates of vehicle ownership, causing traffic congestion and the associated impacts. In order to achieve sustainable transportation systems, the paper presents an integrated planning approach in the Palestinian case, which results in the identification of the proper strategies to promote sustainable transportation, dealing with the complexities related to the transportation systems in this regard. The methodology followed includes performing quantitative and qualitative analyses based on field surveys, statistical data, and interviews, then conducting SWOT strategic assessment, and consequently deriving the goals and objectives, and formulating the relevant strategies. The avoid-shift-improve strategies are found to be the most appropriate towards achieving sustainable transportation systems in developing countries.

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6th International Conference on Civil, Offshore & Environmental Engineering
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13 يوليو، 2021 - 15 يوليو، 2021
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Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS - UTP
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