Towards Sustainable and Smart Transportation: World, Developing Countries, and Palestine
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The reality of the transportation sector in Palestine is presented first, considering several key aspects including mobility, traffic congestion, connectivity, and the impact of the movement restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation. In order to optimize the effectiveness of the existing and facilitate the arrival at efficient future transportation systems, improvement of the existing transportation system to achieve sustainability considering smart approaches is proposed. These include relevant approaches related to public transportation, traffic safety, and the relationship between transportation and the environment and energy. This is followed by an elaboration of the challenges facing developing countries towards achieving smart and sustainable transportation, as well as the opportunities they can benefit from, through presenting the Palestinian case as an example. The imperatives and requirements for having a smart and sustainable transportation system in developing countries are outlined, followed by the proposed strategies to achieve this. Finally, an overview of smart and sustainable transportation prospects in Palestine is presented.

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Smart City Management and Operation Conference
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30 أكتوبر، 2022 - 31 أكتوبر، 2022
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Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology