The use of SolidWorks in the evaluation of wind turbines in Palestine
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The traditional energy sector in Palestine suffers from many problems, shortages, and high prices. As a result, alternative energy sources have become the ideal solution to save energy, reduce costs, and self-reliance, albeit in part, and one of the alternative energy sources is wind energy, despite the low wind speed in Palestine. However, it can be used to a large extent in many fields. Where electrical energy plays an important role in the life of the individual and society, and indeed in all aspects of life in the country. Without electric energy, the economy and industries cannot be developed, and therefore this prompts to search for alternative renewable energy sources than traditional energy sources. This study aims to solve the problem of electrical energy in Palestine, especially in the city of Hebron. This study was conducted in the city of Hebron because it contains suitable wind capabilities to build these turbines and to obtain the necessary energy through renewable energy sources available in Palestine due to the availability of the appropriate climate and weather. Two different types of turbines will be studied and the type most suitable for Palestine's weather and wind speed available, and which of these types will be the most efficient, will be studied. This research has been studied and implemented based on a SolidWorks program. Initially, a three-dimension design was made in SolidWorks for two types of wind turbines, namely: the horizontal axis wind turbine and the vertical axis wind turbine of the Savonius type. Simulations were performed on each of the above types with different wind speeds (0.5-4.5) m/s. After simulation, it was found that Savonius turbines have the greatest ability to generate power at low wind speeds commensurate with the wind speed in the city of Hebron.

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