Liquid desiccant systems for cooling applications in broilers farms in humid subtropical climates
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This paper intends to numerically analyse the performance of liquid desiccant systems on the supply air conditions for closed poultry barns. A commercially available evaporative cooler for poultry barns was modified into a desiccant dehumidifier by circulating desiccant solutions of LiCl-H2O and CaCl2-H2O instead of water. Ambient air conditions for one of humid and subtropical climates were simulated based on an ∊-NTU effectiveness model for an externally cooled liquid desiccant dehumidifier. Also, a distinctive temperature-humidity index (THI) was implemented to study the environmental thermal conditions that the poultry were subjected to. Concerning the thermal comfort for broilers, the results show that conventional direct evaporative cooling systems are not feasible when the ambient air is near saturation. The THI values for ambient and direct evaporative cooler were positioned mainly in the severe heat stress region, with THI value in the range of 80 to 82, and most air outlet conditions were near saturation. The numerical results for the liquid desiccant systems show a consistent reduction in humidity ratio and air dry-bulb temperature. The assessment of air outlet temperature and humidity in terms of THI values was shifted out of the emergency and danger zone with a preference for LiCl solution.

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