Experimental validation of dust impact on-grid connected PV system performance in Palestine: An energy nexus perspective
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Alternative energy sources -such as solar energy- is potentially needed, as the energy sector in
Palestine is completely controlled by Israeli authorities. Solar energy has the potential to be a 
useful alternative in Palestine because it has almost 228 sunny days each year. Among the
several solar energy techniques, the photovoltaic system has the potential to make a significant 
contribution to the development of a more sustainable energy system. The amount of irradiance
that enters the solar cells has a significant impact on the photovoltaic panel's output. As a result,
dust and dirt on the panel will reduce the system's effectiveness by reducing incoming solar
radiation and raising the panel's temperature. So, cleaning the Photovoltaic module on a regular
basis will result in decreased energy loss and more economic benefits. The primary goal of this
study is to detect the impact of dust on Photovoltaic efficiency. A 170.28 kW solar system in
Nablus city, Palestine that is connected to an automated cleaning system was tested between
January and July of 2021. The panels in the system were left un-cleaned for different time spans
(ex. Weekly, Monthly, 2 Months, And 7 Months). The impact of dust accumulation on
Photovoltaic performance was then investigated by comparing the power production between the
un-cleaned panels to the automated cleaned panels. However, the cleaning method employed in
this study was an automated cleaning system that is programmed to clean the plant every two
days. Moreover, all the Photovoltaic panels employed in this study were of the Trina solar 330
types, which had similar attributes and performance. According to the study, the worst-case
scenario was leaving the Photovoltaic panels un-cleaned for seven months in a row, which
resulted in a power drop of 9.99 % and an average power reduction of 2.93 % per month.  As a
result of climate change, energy, water, and food security are major concerns in Palestine.  

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