The impact of commercial distribution chain conditions on the shelf life of chicken carcasses marketed in Palestine
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The overall shelf life of fresh chicken carcasses depends mainly on the initial load and the diversity of microbial species during sluaghtering. The purpose of this study was to evaluate effect of distribution chain conditions on the shelf life of atmospherically packagedchicken carcasses. Accordingly, 36 whole chicken carcasses were selected from Cobb 500 breed immediately after air chillingfrom a local slaughter house. The samples were divided into two groups.  The first group of samples (A) was kept under controlled refrigerated conditions (2 ºC) for seven days. The second group (B) was transported by a refrigerated truck loaded with commercial products for market distribution to simulate the condition of commercial distribution. It was found that total distribution time was 7.25 h with total distance 126 km, and the product was unloaded 39 times at points of sale. After the distribution journey, the samples of group B were kept under refrigerated conditions (2 ºC) for seven days. At each time interval (0, 1, 3, 5, and 7 days), microbiological analysis (aerobic mesophilic count and total coliforms) and sensory index (color, flavor, taste, and texture) were measured. There were significant differences between group A and B in microbiological and sensory analysis. Considering 6 log of aerobic mesophilic count as borderline of expiry of shelf life, group B had 2 days less shelf life. On the 7 th day, group B showed significantly higher aerobic mesophilic count (6.01 log vs. 5.83 log, P<0.05) compared to group A. Moreover, after seven days of refrigerated storage, group B exhibited lower sensory index (2.33 vs. 2.63,P<0.05) as compared to group A. In conclusion, distribution chain had great impact on the shelf life of chicken carcass. The shelf life of the product was reduced which can be attributed due to frequent temperature abuse during distribution

Keywords:Shelf life, chicken carcass, refrigeration, microbiological analysis

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30 نوفمبر، 2021 - 2 ديسمبر، 2021
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Kırsehir Ahi Evran University
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