Influence of salt stress on seed germination and agro-morphological traits in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Background: The experiment was conducted at the Faculty of Agriculture and Vet. Med., An-Najah N. University, Palestine under growth chamber and greenhouse conditions.

Methods: To study the effect of NaCl on germination, fifty seeds in each treatment for each cultivar were germinated on a filter paper in petri dishes moistened with the different NaCl concentration levels (0.0, 50 and 100 mM ). To study the effect of NaCl on plant growth and productivity, 2 seeds per variety were grown in 10 liter pots filled with peat moss-sand. Pots were irrigated with the different NaCl levels.

Results: The tested Chickpea cultivars showed different tolerance levels in response to NaCl stress levels. NaCl reduced final germination percentage (FGP) and germination index (GI). The highest plant height was obtained by Einalbeda (38.63 cm) in the control group, while the lowest one was found in Arij (28.25 cm) under 100 mM NaCl. NaCl did not affect root/shoot ratio in all genotypes. Reduction in fresh weight ranged between 25.6 and 74.2% under 50 and 100 mM NaCl.

Conclusion: According to the present results, varieties and NaCl showed significant effects on studied traits, and the interaction between varieties and NaCl treatments significantly affected the majority of the studied traits.

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