Hsp90, Hsp60 and HSF-1 genes expression in muscle, heart and brain of thermally manipulated broiler chicken
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The effect of thermal manipulation (TM) during embryogenesis (ED 12–18) on mRNA expressions of heat shock proteins (Hsp90, Hsp60 and HSF-1) in muscle, heart and brain tissues during thermal challenge (TC) at post-hatching days 10 and 28 was investigated. Fertile chicken eggs were randomly divided into four groups: Control group (37.8 °C), TM1 (39 °C for 9 h), TM2 (39 °C for 12 h) and TM3 (39 °C for 18 h). At days 10 and 28 of age, chicks in TC groups were subjected to thermal challenge (TC) at 43.0 °C for 6 h while naïve chicks were kept under regular conditions. When compared with the control, TM resulted in a significant increase in mRNA levels of Hsp90, Hsp60 and HSF-1in muscle, heart and brain tissues during embryogenesis and during TC at days 10 and 28 post-hatching. These results indicate a long-term enhancement of Hsp90, Hsp60 and HSF-1 gene expressions associated with improved thermotolerance acquisition in thermally manipulated chicks.

Research in Veterinary Science
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