Uridine 5-Triphosphate (UTP) Metabolising Enzymes Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase and Cytidine Triphosphate (CTP) Synthase in Camels and Trypanosoma Evansi
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Comparison of host and parasite genomes can lead to discovery of metabolic or structural differences that can be used in finding new drug targets. In this study, the pyrimidine metabolic pathway uridine 5'-diphosphate (UDP) and deoxyuridine 5-diphosphate (dUDP) paths were researched. In this perspective, several UDP/dUDP metabolising enzymes were investigated by bioinformatics tools. UMP/CMP kinase was not detected in Trypanosoma evansi (T. evansi) allowing ATP-diphosphatase as an important target for inhibition studies as the interconversion between UMP and UDP are affected. While 100% similarity rate was evident in camel species, there was about 30% differences between the camel and human ATP-diphosphatase. The great sequence differences between the camel and T. evansi ATP-diphosphatases (73% differences) suggests for vulnerability of using this target for future studies. However, further investigations are required to establish the biological aspects of the enzyme.

Journal of Camel Practice and Research
Camel Publishing House
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