Entomopathogenic effect of Trichothecium roseum (Pers.) Link (Hypocreales: Ascomycota) against Pauropsylla buxtoni (Psylloidea: Hemiptera) infesting Ficus carica leaves and its potential use as biocontrol agent of the insect
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Aims: To isolate and characterize a native strain of Trichothecium roseum
infecting the immatures of Pauropsylla buxtoni on fig leaves, to study the
morphological features of the isolated strain, then to test the
entomopathogenic effect of the isolated strain against the immatures of P.
buxtoni on fig leaves.
Methods and Results: The isolated strain of T. roseum produced pink mycelial
growth on culture medium with septate mycelium and conidiophores. It also
produced two-celled conidia with elliptical to pyriform shape born at the tip of
conidiophores. Molecular characterization of the isolated strain confirmed the
identity of the strain as T. roseum. In bioassays, application of conidial
suspension of the isolated strain against the 4th instar of P. buxtoni immatures
infesting fig leaves showed an obvious entomopathogenic effect of the applied
fungus strain against the targeted insect. This effect was exhibited by the death
of treated P. buxtoni immatures with the fungus. The dead insects were
characterized by the presence of pinkish mycelial growth on the outer surface
which is characteristic to the fungus, in addition to the positive isolation of the
fungus from internal tissues of treated insects after a proper external
disinfection. Moreover, significant differences (at P < 0018) were obtained
between the means of mortality % of P. buxtoni immatures treated with
different concentrations of conidial suspension of the fungus.
Conclusions: The overall results confirm the entomopathogenic effect of T.
roseum against P. buxtoni immatures infesting fig leaves. Significant mortalities
of P. buxtoni immatures were obtained when the different concentrations of
the fungus conidial suspension were bio-assessed against the insect.
Significance and Impact of the Study: The tested strain of T. roseum can be
applied as biocontrol agent of P. buxtoni on fig leaves within an integrated
control programme to reduce the impact of pest on fig trees.

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Journal of Applied Microbiology
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