Towards Strategies for Sustainable Transportation in Palestine
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The transportation system in Palestine is facing many challenges, including those related to the state of the road infrastructure, and the increasing traffic congestion and the associated environmental impacts. These are resulting mainly from the high growth of vehicle ownership rates, and consequently, the traffic flows on the road networks, which suffer from limited capacity. Achieving sustainable transportation in Palestine is essential to reduce the impacts of these challenges on the society, the economic development, and on the environment. In order to achieve sustainable transportation, the paper presents an integrative planning approach, which would result in the identification of the proper strategies and policies that could be effective to promote sustainable transportation and in dealing with the complexities related to transportation system. Key strategies and policies that are proposed in this context include those which are considered as vehicle-oriented, such as promoting fuel efficiency, restrictions on automobile imports, ownership, or usage, in addition to a range of other system-wide transportation related strategies, include traffic systems management, supporting active (pedestrian) transportation, priority treatment of public transportation, as well as awareness-raising and education campaigns. The methodology includes performing quantitative and qualitative analysis based on field surveys, statistical data, and interviews, and then conducting SWOT analysis, and deriving the goals and objectives, and consequently, formulating the relevant strategies and policies.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Civil Engineering Conference Palestine
Engineers Association – Jerusalem Center
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