Smart GPS-Based Solution to Enhance Traffic Safety through Early Warning of Traffic Control Devices
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Traffic safety is one of the basic objectives that transportation systems must satisfy. In order to enhance traffic safety, traffic control devices are installed to regulate, warn and guide traffic. Some of the very common devices used in this regard in the Palestinian cities are intersection stop and yield signs, pedestrian crossings signs and markings, as well as speed humps. These can reduce the potential for crashes if properly installed, observed, and respected by drivers. However, if the drivers do not see such devices from a distance, the expected role of these devices will not be satisfied. Some devices, such as speed humps, may even then cause crashes, driver discomfort, and sever vehicles damage. This research presents the outcome of a study that uses modern technology that is based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide a smart solution to assist in solving the problem of crashes caused by lack of visibility or attention to the presence of speed humps, pedestrian crossings, and intersection traffic control signs. The methodology followed includes collecting data on the location and key characteristics of the humps, pedestrian crossings, and traffic signs in a pilot case study, which includes the arterials, collector roads, and part of the local roads in Tulkarm City. This is followed by developing a smart phone GPS-based application, programmed to warn drivers from a predefined distance and before reaching the traffic control device in question. Different warning messages for each type of the control devices are obtained. The application is tested and verified to satisfy its objectives.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Civil Engineering Conference Palestine
Engineers Association – Jerusalem Center
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