Assessment of Early Damage in Newly Constructed Low Volume Local Roads
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ورقة/ملخص في مؤتمر منشورة في مجلة علمية محكمة
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Recently, there have been observed pavement distresses in newly constructed low volume local roads in the northern area of the West Bank. This has impacted functionality of the roads, and resulted in waste of resources. The paper analyzes three case studies, proposes solutions, and identifies the lessons learned for avoiding such problems in the future. Related problems were visually observed, especially the presence and propagation of longitudinal and edge cracks of varying extent and widths. The existence of such pavement distresses demanded investigating the reasons behind such early unexpected distresses. Based on that, it is required to search for practical, technical and economical solutions for the already defected sections. This paper therefore investigates the reasons behind the appearance of such defects during short periods of time after construction through visual inspection, in addition to review relevant soil reports, in order to check the nature and classification of the soil as well as the presence of shallow water table in the area. Finally, based to the results of the assessment of the case studies, the researchers provide proper solutions to avoid such problems in the future. The paper ends with proper recommendations and highlighted lessons learned.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Civil Engineering Conference Palestine
Engineers Association – Jerusalem Center
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