Early Detection of Peadiatric Visual Abnormalities and Refractive Errors Prescribing for Young Children: Guidelines and Clinical Tips
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Uncorrected refractive error including myopia is one of the visual disorders that could affect the normal vision development early in childhood and lead to the development of amblyopia, which is one of the most common causes of unilateral vision loss. Early detection  through vision screening and proper intervention of ocular problems are essential to prevent the negative long-terms outcomes including loss of educational and employment opportunities, loss of economic gain and impaired quality of life, that are associated with visual impairment in early childhood. Optometrists and eye care professionals have the means to perform a comprehensive eye examination for children and to provide them with the appropriate optical correction when necessary. This Lecture will focus on the considerations for correcting refractive errors in children aging from infancy up to school age who do not have any other ocular abnormalities such as strabismus or convergence excess. It will also provide guidelines and discuss the amount of refractive error needs to be corrected at each age. These guidelines are to help optometrists and eye care professionals in their clinical decision making.

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