Ocular Surface Response and Subjective Symptoms Associated to Lens Care Solutions in Palestine
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To compare the biocompatibility and subjective symptoms of four multipurpose solutions marketed in Palestine with hydrogel contact lenses.


50 habitual soft contact lens wearers were recruited in this interventional crossover study. Subjects were asked to attend the optometry clinic five times. A new pair of hydrogel lenses (Bioxifilcon-B) were fitted each time. This pair was soaked randomly overnight in one of the following four-multipurpose solutions (NEOPLUS®, AvizorUnicaSensitive®, ReNuMultiPlus® and COMPLETERevitaLens®) which contain different disinfecting agents (PHMB, Phx, PAPB, and PQ-1 + Alexidine, respectively), or non-preserved saline. At each visit, corneal staining, ocular redness and subjective symptoms were assessed.


The percentage of corneal staining increased significantly (P ≤ 0.050) after soaking the lenses with PHMB (86%), PAPB (64%) and Phx (32%) based-solutions. However, a non-significant increase was noticed after the use of PQ-1 + Alexidine based solution (30%, P = 0.083). Ocular redness evaluation showed a significant increase (P ≤ 0.050) in limbal hyperemia after the use of all solutions, while bulbar redness was significantly increased after the use of biguanide-based solutions (P ≤ 0.050). The subjective assessment analysis showed a non-significant change in comfort, dryness, photophobia and scratchiness (P ≥ 0.050) at 2-h intervention using all solutions, except for the PHMB based solution which showed a significant change in subjective symptoms (P ≤ 0.050).


The combination of Bioxifilcon-B hydrogel contact lenses and solution containing PHMB, PAPB and Phx-disinfectants induced a significant increase in corneal staining after 2 h of CL-wear with a higher severity when the PHMB-based solution was used, while the PQ-1 + Alexidine-based solution did not. Only the PHMB-based solution triggered a significant change in subjective symptoms which might which suggests that it might be related to the severity of staining rather than the induction of staining.

Keywords: Corneal staining, Multipurpose solution, Disinfectants, Contact lens, Subjective-comfort, Ocular-rednes

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