Phytosanitary Status in Palestine
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Climate change was notably recorded on the outbreak of several pathogens and pests. Phytosanitary actions and measurements are nowadays demanded in Palestine to control and limit the pathogenic phytoviruses dissemination throughout propagating materials. Some of the plant viruses can cause significant yield losses which surely affect the national food security. This study was aimed to report the sanitary status of highly important crops in Palestine with emphasis to plant viruses in Palestine. In particular the viral incidence on olives, grapevines, stone fruits, citrus, Fig; and tomato were reported. Furthermore; phytoviruses researches and actions towards prevention in Palestine was also evaluated as well as the phytosanitary actions that are running in the country.

عنوان المؤتمر
16th Congress of the Mediterranean Phytopathological Union
دولة المؤتمر
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23 مارس، 2020 - 27 مارس، 2020
راعي المؤتمر
Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
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