Differentiation between Normal and White Striped Turkey Breasts by Visible/Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Multivariate Data Analysis
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The appearance of white striations over breast meat is an emerging and growing problem. The main purpose of this study was to employ the reflectance of visible-near infrared (VIS/NIR) spectroscopy to differentiate between normal and white striped turkey breasts. Accordingly, 34 turkey breast fillets were selected representing a different level of white striping (WS) defects (normal, moderate and severe). The findings of VIS/NIR were analyzed by principal component (PC1) analysis (PCA). It was found that the first PC1 for VIS, NIR and VIS/NIR region explained 98%, 97%, and 96% of the total variation, respectively. PCA showed high performance to differentiate normal meat from abnormal meat (moderate and severe WS). In conclusion, the results of this research showed that VIS/NIR spectroscopy was satisfactory to differentiate normal from severe WS turkey fillets by using several quality traits.

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