SnSe thin film electrodes prepared by vacuum evaporation: Enhancement of surface morphology and photoelectrochemical characteristics by argon gas
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  • Hikmat S. Hilal
  • Nordin Sabli
  • Zainal Abidin Talib
  • Wan Mahmood Mat Yunus
  • Zulkarnain Zainal
  • Masatoshi Fujii
The effect of argon gas condensation (AGC) on crystallinity, surface morphology and photoelectrochemical (PEC) characteristics of SnSe thin films, prepared by thermal vacuum deposition onto ITO/glass substrates, has been investigated. The focal theme was to improve growth process of SnSe thin films and consequently enhance their PEC characteristics. For comparison purposes, the films grown with and without argon gas were characterized using various techniques such as X-Ray diffractometry, UV-VIS spectroscopy, and SEM. The results indicate enhancement in crystallinity and surface uniformity of the film by inclusion of argon gas during thermal vacuum deposition. Such enhancement has been attributed to slower deposition rate due to argon gas presence. Photoactivity of SnSe thin film electrodes was studied using linear sweep voltammetry. The With-AGC electrodes showed higher photoactivity than the Without-AGC counterparts. Enhancement of PEC characteristics of SnSe With-AGC thin film electrodes is consistent with crystallinity and surface uniformity. Inclusion of AGC in thermal vacuum deposition processes could thus be potentially valuable to prepare enhanced SnSe thin film electrodes without the need for further treatments such as etching or annealing.
Thin Solid Films, Submitted 2013
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