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Published Book/Book Chapter Teaching Design Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 15:33
Published Book/Book Chapter Curricula and It’s Criteria for Evaluation Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 15:29
Published Book/Book Chapter Adjunct Questions and School Evaluation (4th Ed) Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 15:28
Published Book/Book Chapter Cognitive Strategy Activators: Tools for Enhancing Learning and Instruction (2nd ed.) Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 15:26
Published Research How Can Teachers Activate Students’ Cognitive Strategies by Using Adjunct Questions: ‎A Prescriptive Model For Improving Teaching and Learning Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 14:58
Published Research Enhancing Teachers’ Performance Through Practicing The Instructional Designer ‎Competencies Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 14:56
Published Research The Effect of Training in Monitoring Reading Comprehension on Students’ Learning a ‎Unit in English at undergraduate Level Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 10:28
Published Research The Relationship Between the Locus of Control of Graduate Students in School of ‎Education at An-Najah National University and other Related Variables Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 10:11
Academic Conference The Afnan Cultural Salon Symposium Titled: Educational Issues Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-04 09:42
Published Research Faculty Members’ Views towards Blended Learning, the Case of a Najah National University Master Program Teachers in the College of Education and Teacher Preparation Ali Zuhdi Shaqour 2014-12-03 15:53
Published Research Students' Readiness towards M-Learning: A Case Study of Pre-Service Teachers in Palestine Ali Zuhdi Shaqour 2014-12-03 15:49
Published Research The Effect of Applying Study Skills on University Student's Learning by using Notes-‎Taking and Underlining Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-03 15:48
Published Research To What Extent can School Principal Make a Change and Development in their ‎Schools Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-03 15:39
Published Research Practicing Instructional Design Skills Enhance Teachers’ Performance and Motivation ‎and their Students’ Achievement Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-03 15:32
Published Research درجة استعداد معلمي جامعة النجاح الوطنية لتوظيف نظام التعلم الألكتروني (مودل) في العملية التعليمية بحسب إطار المعرفة الخاص بالمحتوى والتربية والتكنولوجيا Ali Zuhdi Shaqour 2014-12-03 15:30
Published Research Transforming Growth Factor Beta Cooperates With Persephin for Dopaminergic Phenotype Induction Belal Rahhal 2014-12-03 14:03
Published Research In Vivo Requirement of TGF-Beta/GDNF Cooperativity In Mouse Development: Focus on The Neurotrophic Hypothesis Belal Rahhal 2014-12-03 13:28
Academic Conference 9th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE POLISH NEUROSCIENCE SOCIETY First FENS Featured Regional Meeting September 9-12, 2009 Warszawa Belal Rahhal 2014-12-03 12:39
Academic Conference Conference: 2nd Annual International Conference on Health & Medical Sciences 5-8 May 2014, Athens, Greece, At Athens, Greece Belal Rahhal 2014-12-03 12:26
Published Research The Influence of Working in Charcoal Factories on Selected Respiratory Parameters in West Bank Palestine Belal Rahhal 2014-12-03 12:14
Published Research Localization of Reelin Signaling Pathway Components in Murine Midbrain and Striatum Belal Rahhal 2014-12-03 10:18
Published Research Influence of Working in Stone Crushing Factories on Specific Respiratory Parameters Belal Rahhal 2014-12-03 10:14
Course Material طريقة تحليل نمذجة مسألة حياتية Wajeeh Daher 2014-12-02 16:44
Academic Conference The Conference of the Instructional Process in the Internet Age Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-02 15:54
Published Research Distance Education as Evaluated by Students, Supervision, and Administrators of Al-‎Quds Open University‎ Afnan Darwazeh 2014-12-02 15:53