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Published Research Friedel-crafts acylalion of 3-carboxymethylbenzo[B] thiophenes, LIS-nmr and HOMO study of regioselectivity Mohammed A. A. Hannoun 2015-05-12 13:20
Published Research Synthesis and Desulfuration of Thianaphthen-3-Carboxylic Acid-Derivatives Mohammed A. A. Hannoun 2015-05-12 13:08
Published Research Stereoselective Invitro Aromatic-Ring Oxygenations of Chiral 1,4-Benzodiazepin-2-Ones Mohammed A. A. Hannoun 2015-05-12 13:04
Published Research Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Amounts of Mercury with 3-(2-Thiazolylazo)-2, 6-Diaminopyridine and Gelatine Mohammed A. A. Hannoun 2015-05-12 12:56
Published Research القدرة اللااوكسجينية وبعض القياسات الجسمية عند لاعبي أندية الدرجة الممتازة لكرة القدم في شمال فلسطين Imad AbdelHaq 2015-05-12 12:38
Published Research Kinetic Studies on the Hydrolysis of Pyrrolidene Benzoylhydrazone and Thiophenylidene Benzoylhydrazone Maher An-Natsheh 2015-05-12 12:13
Published Research Tandem Cycloaddition, Retrocycloaddition Reaction: Formation of a Diazadioxabicyclononene System Maher An-Natsheh 2015-05-12 09:21
Published Research Sensitive spectrophotometric determination of La(III) with 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol Kamel Abdel Hadi 2015-05-12 09:12
Academic Conference The Obstacles that Face the Usage of Teaching Aids from the Viewpoint of Teachers of Mathematics for the Basic Stage of Public Schools in Nablus District Ahmad Odeh 2015-05-10 13:43
Published Research مستوى الوعي الصحي ومصادر الحصول على المعلومات الصحية لدى لاعبي الأندية العربية للكرة الطائرة Abdel Naser Qadoumi 2015-05-10 13:23
Published Research Constructing Norms of Body Mass Index, Fat Percent, Lean Body Weight, Body ‎Surface Area and Resting Metabolic Rate of Female Physical Education Majors Abdel Naser Qadoumi 2015-05-10 13:21
Published Research النرجسية لدى لاعبي الكرة الطائرة في فلسطين Abdel Naser Qadoumi 2015-05-10 12:53
Published Research Optimal Distribution of Energy Resources and Policy Implementation In an N-Sector Society Kamal. M.A. Rashid 2015-05-10 12:53
Published Research العلاقة بين بعض القياسات الانثروبومترية وتركيب الجسم عند لاعبي الكرة الطائرة Abdel Naser Qadoumi 2015-05-10 12:50
Academic Conference UNESCO committee meeting for a SR-source in the Middle East, Berlin, Germany, 19-21 Aug. 1999 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 12:17
Academic Conference Third workshop on physics and technology of thin films, Trieste, Italy, 8-26/3/1999 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 12:14
Academic Conference Seminar on experimental techniques in high-energy and synchrotron radiation (SR) physics, Torino, Italy 3-8/11/1997 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 12:07
Academic Conference Seventh International conference on the structure of noncrystalline materials, Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy, 15-19 Sep. 1997 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 12:06
Academic Conference UNESCO meeting on SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental science and Applications in the Middle East), Amman, Jordan, 21-22 June 2000 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 11:04
Academic Conference First International workshop on Amorphous and Nanostructured Chalcogenides “Fundamentals and applications”, Bucharest, Romania, 24-28 June 2001 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 11:00
Academic Conference The First Workshop in Medical Physics, United Arab Emirates University, 31-03-2004 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 10:58
Academic Conference Summer University, EMC-PLC and IT, Tishreen University, Latakia- Syria, 23-31 August, 2004 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 10:58
Academic Conference ICTP school on synchrotron radiation and applications,Trieste, Italy, 8-26 May, 2006 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 10:57
Published Research Principals' Motivations Underlying Work in School Management in Palestine Ghassan Hussein Al-Hilo 2015-05-10 10:38
Academic Conference Fifth International Conference on Inorganic Materials, Ljubljana, Slovinia,23-26 September, 2006 Ghassan Saffarini 2015-05-10 10:38